3-Day Detox Meal Plan

Attempt this detox menu of simple whole foods to clean and nourish your body.

A week prior to your detox, observe your dietary practices. You might desire to document what you eat. Then choose 3 things– caffeine, sugar, and chocolate, for instance– that you wish to avoid or limit during the days leading up to the detox. It’s important, too, to replace the “bad” things with more healthful choices; just getting rid of foods from your diet can leave you feeling denied.
For the three days of the detox, you could consume simply whole foods, grains, fruits, and veggies, and consume no stimulants in order to give your body a break, unwind the liver, detox the kidneys and adrenals, and boost food digestion. If you eat meat, you might wish to try a vegetarian or vegan diet plan for a few days. If you already eat mainly whole foods and have a well balanced diet plan, possibly you desire to relocate the instructions of consuming fewer grains and beans and instead to dine on veggies, fruits, and juices only.
On this page is a suggested menu plan that anybody can follow. Make several portions of a few of the soups and grains, so you can have meals ready. Dishes for a few of the meals mentioned can be discovered here.
As you do the cleanse, see your blood sugar level. Eating or consuming something every 90 minutes or two will help you maintain balance and energy. Water with lemon, herbal tea, fresh coconut water, and wheat lawn juice are all good options.
Lots of people find a more restrictive diet easy to follow for 3 days. Some even keep it for days or weeks. Then, suddenly, something takes place and there’s a yearning for fats and sugary foods. If you notice cravings creeping in, check in with yourself to see if the yearnings are genuine (your body requiring more fats) or are merely habitual. Ask yourself: What have I found out throughout this detox? What foods do I desire to integrate into my life? How can I please these cravings healthfully?

Day 1
Breakfast: Water with lemon, cooked quinoa, flax oil, nuts or seeds (for protein), and unsweetened dried fruit.
Lunch: Herbal tea, kitchari, steamed collards with lemon miso tahini dressing.
Supper: Half a melon or a bowl of combined fruit, broccoli, kale, onions, chickpeas sauteed in olive oil, baked sweet potato.
Day 2
Breakfast: Water with lemon, fruit healthy smoothie or a big bowl of fresh fruit with yogurt, flax or hemp seeds, and spirulina.
Lunch: Salad of blended greens with grated or boiled beets and lemon miso tahini dressing or flax oil and balsamic vinegar; remaining quinoa tossed with any chopped raw veggies and flax oil and balsamic vinegar; black bean stew.
Supper: Carrot-ginger soup, steamed spring greens with flax oil, brown rice, natural tea.
Day 3
Breakfast: Water with lemon, remaining kitchari, sauerkraut.
Lunch: Kombucha; remaining baked sweet potato, mashed; mixed salad with grated carrots, sprouts, and lemon is tahini dressing or flax oil and balsamic vinegar; remaining black bean stew or carrot-ginger soup.
Supper: Ocean vegetable stir-fry, leftover brown rice, natural tea.
Snacks? Naturally! Enjoy them between meals or as required to stabilize blood glucose: Almond milk, fresh fruit, homemade fruit shake, baked beets, veggie juices, oatmeal, raw carrots, celery, cucumbers, radishes, steamed broccoli or other greens with flax oil, salads with lemon miso tahini dressing.

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