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Different Methods of Weight Loss

Staying fit the healthy way are the latest fad. Everybody wants a great body with no flabby thighs and pot bellies. Often we take the easier way of eating that creamy dessert or skipping a workout. A few mornings later you discover that there are five extra pounds on your weighing scale. And you realize it’s time to loose weight. Based on BMI, 25- 30 is a decent ratio for a normal weighing human being. There are several ways to shed of those extra pounds. Here are a few methods of weight loss.

a) Exercising

b) Dieting

c) Weight Loss pills

d) Liposuction or surgery

e) Use of machines

a) Exercising- This is the most conventional and the most successful way to stay fit and loose weight. Choose from a wide range of options which suit your needs. Yoga, aerobics exercises, walking, kick boxing, dancing etc. are some of the options. You can also indulge in any active sport of your choice.

B) Dieting- This method is most successful when combined with exercising. It gives you results very soon and keeps your skin glowing. But remember diet don’t starve yourself. Often people go on almost starving diets, but the moment they get back to old eating habits they start putting on weight. Choose a diet you can follow for a longer period.

c) Weight Loss Pills- This method is very risky as there are many side effects of weight loss pills including nausea and skin problems. Should be avoided and taken only on recommendation from a doctor.

d) Liposuction or surgery- This is a very expensive method of loosing weight and needs repeat sessions. It is usually the last resort in very obese cases. The fat is taken out through surgery and the skin is tightened.

e) Use of machines- Many health care centers uses machines to shun body fat. But this method cannot work isolated and needs to be combined with dieting and exercising for desired results.


Of all the above mentioned methods of weight loss, exercising is the most healthiest and safe way to loose weight. So give it a shot and you will have no regrets.

6 Health Benefits of Sleeping on a Good Quality Memory Foam Mattress

We are always on the look out for new and innovative ideas to help our readers stay healthy and fit… and sleeping on a good quality memory-foam mattress can offer a wide range of unique benefits, many of which can be good for your health too. As a result, many hospitals and medical facilities make use of them for their patients in order to make their sleeping conditions more comfortable and favourable for them.

Here are some of health benefits that memory foam can offer:

1.    The foam can help with the treatment of sleeping disorders such as insomnia and apnea as it helps to relax the entire body. This not only helps your body to physically prepare itself for sleep, but also opens your airways, making breathing more comfortable too.

2.    The foam will help lower the risk of waking up with aches and pains caused by sleeping on a poor quality mattress. The visco-elastic foam will give your body full support and mould to your natural curves. Memory foam also helps to keep your spine aligned while you sleep and is an ideal choice for those suffering with arthritic conditions.

3.    Thanks to the temperature sensitivity of the foam, it is able to provide extra cushioning to your pressure points and mould to your body rather than requiring your body to mould it.

4.    Memory foam enhances blood circulation and can help to prevent pressure sores from forming.

5.    The open-cell structure of the material allows air to flow freely through it, keeping it at an even temperature all through the night. This will therefore help to keep your body cool and also reduce the risk of swelling and chaffing while you’re asleep.

6.    Because the foam is hypoallergenic is it the perfect solution for allergy sufferers. Unlike other mattresses it will not attract bed bugs and is a good choice for asthma sufferers.

Additional memory foam products such as pillows and memory foam mattress toppers can also be used to help you create a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment.

Invest in your health and sleep with a good quality mattress from the Memory Foam Warehouse. They are the UK’s top manufacturer of memory foam mattresses and have a team of experts on hand to answer any questions you may have as well as offer advice on the best mattress for your needs. Their website is filled information on everything you need to know about their memory foam products.

Bioresonance Therapy Does it Work? How Can it Help Patients?

Bioresonance Therapy – What is it?

Bioresonance, or more correctly, Bioresonance Therapy, is a non-invasive procedure that measures the electromagnetic signals emitted by your body and compares them to a databank of optimum readings, thereby revealing the particular stressors which are causing your “dis-ease”.

The healthy signals are strengthened and the unhealthy signals are corrected. Both are fed back to the body and stimulate the self-healing mechanisms that restore the proper balance and correct the problem.

This technique was pioneered in Germany by Regumed nearly 30 years ago. Continued research and development in Canada and Europe created more interest and it is now available in 85 countries around the world.

There are several machines available but the Bicom is the most popular and, in the hands of an experienced health professional, it is an accurate diagnostic tool and provides a safe and effective treatment.

Your first consultation may take up to an hour and you will be asked to place one hand on an electrical plate. An assessment will be made of your body’s electromagnetic make-up to test for stressors for the purpose of administering corrective therapy.

You will be sitting or lying on a magnetic modulation mat which will facilitate the biofeedback to your body.Depending on the progress you make you may have to return for a few additional sessions.

How does Bioresonance work?

Bioresonance is based on scientific advances in cell biology, biochemistry, and physics. Cells are 100 times more sensitive to electrical signals than to chemical intervention. Quantum physics revealed that all matter is made of compressed energy which has a duality – existing as particles and waves at the same time.

We have been forced to abandon long-held notions of the composition of the building blocks of our bodies replacing them with a photonic system. At the subatomic level, light keeps the electrons and other atomic particles of our body together and is the primary communication medium between cells.

In 1970 the German homeopath, Franz Morell, proved that all living cells generate electromagnetic waves in a particular frequency pattern. Stressed body organs or toxic substances generate frequency patterns that jam-up and interrupt healthy cell communication causing malfunctions and “dis-ease”.

Bioresonance therapy is able to filter healthy waves from unhealthy waves and using frequency inversion, cancels the harmful waves and strengthens the healthy waves, before feeding them back into the body.

This not only reduces the stresses in the affected organ but also stimulates the body’s self-regenerating properties – restoring the balance that ensures good health.

Does it work?

As long ago as 1913 Dr. Albert Abrams wrote, “each organ has its own vibrating weight”. He also announced that the rate is constant in health but changes during illness. One of the most sinned against scientists in history was Royal Richard Rife.

He invented the high magnification microscope (x30 000) and was the first to witness microbes being destroyed by specific frequencies. A visionary man who received 12 major scientific awards in his lifetime, he went on to investigate a perfectly viable cure for cancer.

His career was subsequently destroyed by the vested interests of those in the pharmaceutical supply chain who understood that medicating suffering patients was much more lucrative than curing a disease. He died a broken, destitute alcoholic.

For anyone interested in the history of Bioresonance the book by Barry Lynes called “The cancer cure that worked: fifty years of suppression” is a must read. (Biomed Publishing Group.1987)

Luckily there was a resurgence of interest in bioresonance in Europe in the 1970s. The researchers at the Brugermann Institute made strides in filtering out pathogenic oscillations.

Paul Schmidt tabulated the frequencies specific to many medical conditions and Bioresonance therapy treatment centers around the world are reporting positive results and the paradigm shift is supporting further research in what Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark called “A cure for all diseases” in her book written in 1993. (New Century Press.1995)

Yes, it does work.

Bioresonance: How can it help patients?

Being holistic and non-invasive Bioresonance therapy has many advantages:

  • It has a wide array of applications and is particularly useful in chronic conditions
  • Many patients present with more than one set of symptoms and diagnostic tests can be very accurate
  • It can be used on the young, the old and the frail
  • It can be used in veterinary medicine
  • Working at the cellular level enhances the chances of early detection
  • Many patients are becoming resistant to drugs and Bioresonance is not only drug-free, it restores balance almost immediately.

How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars

If you suffer with acne you’ll already know it’s an affliction that can really interfere with normal everyday life. One thing about suffering with acne is that sometimes it just refuses to completely clear up and in some cases can lead to noticeable acne scars. Indeed, this happened to me, leaving me with the prospect of having that constant reminder thanks to the scarring. However, I was lucky, and found a few treatments that helped me as a result of searching for an answer on how to get rid of acne scars.

Now, my dermatologist, in consultations had mentioned that there were acne scar treatments available but they were prohibitively expensive given my financial situation. No doubt many people reading this are in the same boat. Even my insurance company considered acne scar treatments a ‘cosmetic procedure’. This meant I would have had to pay for the whole procedure.

Acne scar treatments are more affordable now and arguably more effective. If you decide to opt for paid acne scar treatments the first thing you must do is choose the type of treatment. There are several types of acne scar treatment on the marketplace so you will definitely want to go away and do some research before taking the plunge. A lot of it comes down to the extent of the scarring and how much money you have at your disposal. When the scarring is not severe, over the counter treatments may be useful. However, in serious cases, prescription medication and other treatments such as laser scar removal become a real consideration.

One valuable thing I learned is that acne scar treatments reduce the damaging effects and extent of scarring. I even checked out photos before I started taking treatment and compared with photos prior and there was a noticeable difference. Results do vary, but acne scar treatments will invariably improve your skin. I highly recommend you take positive action and find out more about how to get rid of acne scars by also looking at the acne treatments available to you.