Different Methods of Weight Loss

Staying fit the healthy way are the latest fad. Everybody wants a great body with no flabby thighs and pot bellies. Often we take the easier way of eating that creamy dessert or skipping a workout. A few mornings later you discover that there are five extra pounds on your weighing scale. And you realize it’s time to loose weight. Based on BMI, 25- 30 is a decent ratio for a normal weighing human being. There are several ways to shed of those extra pounds. Here are a few methods of weight loss.

a) Exercising

b) Dieting

c) Weight Loss pills

d) Liposuction or surgery

e) Use of machines

a) Exercising- This is the most conventional and the most successful way to stay fit and loose weight. Choose from a wide range of options which suit your needs. Yoga, aerobics exercises, walking, kick boxing, dancing etc. are some of the options. You can also indulge in any active sport of your choice.

B) Dieting- This method is most successful when combined with exercising. It gives you results very soon and keeps your skin glowing. But remember diet don’t starve yourself. Often people go on almost starving diets, but the moment they get back to old eating habits they start putting on weight. Choose a diet you can follow for a longer period.

c) Weight Loss Pills- This method is very risky as there are many side effects of weight loss pills including nausea and skin problems. Should be avoided and taken only on recommendation from a doctor.

d) Liposuction or surgery- This is a very expensive method of loosing weight and needs repeat sessions. It is usually the last resort in very obese cases. The fat is taken out through surgery and the skin is tightened.

e) Use of machines- Many health care centers uses machines to shun body fat. But this method cannot work isolated and needs to be combined with dieting and exercising for desired results.


Of all the above mentioned methods of weight loss, exercising is the most healthiest and safe way to loose weight. So give it a shot and you will have no regrets.

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